NAIL ARENA Professional is an international competition debuting this year in Bulgaria and organized under the supervision of INJA (International Nail Judges Association).



The competition will take place on the 29 and 30 September 2017, as part of programme of Arena of Beauty Professional expo, which this year celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

All competitions will be held according to the rules and criteria of INJA. The prestigious association is represented by Deborah Milia, who is a certified international INJA judge, international Master education, owner of the company My Lovely Nails, holder of 10 international awards in competitions in Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

The experienced nail specialist and educator, jury of multiple European competitions, winner of dozens of international nail competition awards and the TOP 10 prize – Katya Raykova is the other initiator of the event and the godmother the championship Nail Arena Professional.

Katia and Deborah have they are resposible task to consult and assist all who would like to participate in the competition, to invite their colleagues from the European Nailympion competitions and to present the Bulgarian nail guild to the international judges who will arrive in Bulgaria.

The competition aims to attract the best of both Bulgarian and international nail art and design talent and fulfil the INJA standards and recommendations, so that in two years time the competition will be part of the Nailympion family. The team of Forum Arena of Beauty would be proud to host Nailympion Bulgaria in the future!

More information about INJA (International Nail Judge Association) 

INJA is the first of its kind organization founded 5 years ago in the USA. The mission of INJA is to create and enforce standardization of manicure competitions around the world, which can be achieved by uniting international competitions, providing a unified system and rules to be followed by qualified judges. The Association is founded and represented by the most qualified mail designers around the world, which are part of the Honorable Judge Council. It is the responsibility of these members to protect the integrity of every competition associated with INJA and to ensure that all competitors are judged fairly and on merit of their work. Currently, Lysa Comfort is the chairman of INJA, which has 400 judges members from over 30 countries. The INJA competitions are held all around the world – USA, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Asia – South Korea, Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine, Taiwan and others. Some of these countries are hosts of INJA competitions, others host Nailympion and some hold both competitions. Each year over 2500 nail artists and designers participate in the INJA competitions.

Brief description of the competitions that will take place on the 29-30.09.2017

Descriptions of French Extension Competition

French Sculpture Acrylic – Traditional French Style nails sculpted with acrylic and applied with forms. Nails are extremely square and thin. The nails are contoured with c-curves. One hand is applied with a cream red polish. Transparent pink and white acrylic must be used and one hand must have Smilelines.

Salon Style French – This competitions is French style nails that are applied with a shorter free edge. The length of the white is 50% of the pink nail plate. Tips or forms are allowed. Competitors may choose to use acrylics or gel for the application. The nail is applied thicker, more suitable for client wearability. The time allowed is shorter than traditional competitions. 120 minutes. One hand is applied with a cream red polish.

French Gel Sculpture – Traditional French Style nails with Smilelines applied to one hand. The nail shape is an extreme square free edge. The nails are applied long and thin. The nail must be contoured with c-curves. The nails are to be sculpted with forms. One hand is applied with a cream red gel polish or color gel. Traditional transparent or cover pink and white builder gel must be used in the application on both hands.

Description of Soak Off Gel Manicure Competition

Salon Trend Art Soak Off Manicure – These competitions are a combination of artistic element, technical workmanship and artistic talent. The natural nails are applied with soak off gel using color and Salon trends with nail art.

Description of Hands-on Nail Art Competition

Design Sculpture  – Acrylic sculptured nail with forms. The nail art is inlaid into the structure of the nail extension. The shape of the free edge is almond or oval and the nails must be applied thin with C-curves. Gel paint can be used for a portion of the art. 

Stiletto Nail Art – Sculpted nails with artistic elements added. Acrylic and gel are both allowed. Rhinestones and paints are also allowed. Colored and glittered products are allowed.

Description of  Submitted Nail Art Competition

Flat Art -This competition is hand painting that is generally applied onto tips. The art is all applied flat with paints of all types. Acrylic paint, air brushing, water paint and nail polish are all allowed.  

Mixed Media/ Box Art – This competition the work is prepared prior and turned in completed day of competition. The work is applied to tips and is presented in a viewing box. There must be a theme and the use of a minimum of 3 art mediums. Acrylic, gel, paint, air brushing, rhinestones, pearls, bullion, foil, crushed shell, medal art shapes. Any type of nail art except pre fabricated nail art pieces are allowed.  No decal or ceramic flowers. Fimo shapes and PRE MADE acrylic 3-d nail art is not allowed.

Salon Trend Pedicure Art – This competition the artwork is prepared prior and turned in completed the day of the competition. The work is applied to pedicure toe tips and is presented on a black frame. There is a variety of nail art that is allowed. The art should reflex the latest trends in salon art. 



Deborah Milia, Technical information and consultancy for the competitions
Phone:  +359 876 201927
Dina Tomas, Organizer Arena of Beauty Professional Expo
Phone:  +359 878 641827