Indigo Nails Lab

About us Indigo Nails is a leading Polish cosmetics brand, famous as a specialist in nail design, color trends and SPA cosmetics. Founded in 2011 in Poland, the brand is available in 24 countries around the world. The name The name of our brand comes from the name of the special color Indigo. This shows how important are the colors for us. Indigo is a deep and rich color, varies in the blue and in some cases of ultramarine. How did everything start? The idea for the Indigo brand was born in 2008. Everything started with the combination of passion and knowledge in the founders/owners of Indigo: Magdalena Malachinska and Darek Malachinski, Their experience in the cosmetic industry, sales, marketing, technologies and design transformed into a new brand in 2011 – Indigo Nails Lab. Indigo today Today Indigo is the leading brand on the Polish cosmetic market with innovative, unique products, strong presence in marketing and PR. Our products are offered for distribution and in beauty salons in 24 countries around the world. The brand is proudly founded in Poland (a member of the European Union), with a central headquarter of 10 000 m2 in Loda. We based our own manufacturing based on partnerships with laboratories in Europe and the USA. Thanks to our stylists, training centers and programs, the Indigo team won over 500 times in the nails championships in the last 3 years, including works and European championships (1047 medals).

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