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Stand № 5-25

Anigma – everything for eyelash extensions and a little bit more!

Cosmetics and consumables for eyelash extensions, lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows, henna and disposable materials of brands Anigma Professional – Bulgaria and Lovely Lash – Russia and Beauty Wave – Korea! 

Beauty services and training from top trainer Ani Gusiyska! 

Stand № 6-40

HN Hit Nails is а company with over 15 years market experience. We have proven ourselves in 8 different countries, located on З continents and over 65 brand stores.

We train professionals and create the highest quality products with the latest technologies on the market.



Stand № 6-11

BeautyLand Ltd. has been the importer of the Indigo Nails Lab brand for Bulgaria since 2018. Indigo Nails is one of the leading companies globally, offering luxury products for manicure and hand and body care, setting the main trends in the manicure industry. Our goal is to provide high-quality and luxurious manicure and hand and body care products at affordable prices for the Bulgarian market, and our mission is to support fellow professionals in the field.


Stand № 5-13

Beauty One company has been in the beauty industry since 2006. Then it started with an innovative approach to the distribution of products, equipment of salons, beauty centers, spas and medical centers in Romania. Beauty One fully equips beauty centers that offer access to prestigious international cosmetic brands. In the portfolio you can find a wide range of cosmetics, the most modern aesthetic and medical equipment, accessories and consumables for spa centers and beauty centers. Our mission to expand our business and share our experience and high quality products made us officially launch in Bulgaria in 2022. Our GOAL is to establish a leading position in the Bulgarian market through our commitment to excellence and by consistently providing the best products, equipment and educational programs.


Stand № 6-37

Private Vocational College „Bogoya“ is the only certified college in Bulgaria that offers professional training in the Instructor profession. After completing the studies, college students acquire the highest fourth degree of professional qualification. Private professional college „Bogoya“ is actively looking for the training and career development of qualified specialists – managers, entrepreneurs, instructors in the field of cosmetics, hairdressing, manicure, sports massage therapists, fitness instructors, governesses as well as specialists in the field of tourism.
„Bogoya“ College trains college students to acquire professional competencies for teamwork, innovation in teaching, entrepreneurship and adaptability. The college works with highly qualified teachers and business specialists. Bogoya offers – knowledge, skills and qualification, preparing good professionals! The training lasts four semesters, the form of training is part-time, independent and full-time.
To contact us: city of Varna 9000 „Gen. Kolev“ No. 92, fl. 1, entrance 2;
052 / 61 30 71; 0895 776 205; 0879 972 787


Stand № 5-27

Beautifly is more than a brand…. Our company has established itself as a prominent brand in Poland with 10 years of experience. We have over 100 facial and body care devices. Beautifly – High-quality face and body skincare/moisturizing/rejuvenation/lifting/anti aging devices.

Medivon – Wellness equipment catering to all types of highly advanced massages.

What we offer:

– Innovative solutions.

– Perfect and modern packaging design.

– Home spa

– New product category


Stand № 5-27


Stand № 6-20a

BEAUTYISTANBUL 2024, the 5th International Exhibition for Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair, Home Care, Private Label, Packaging and Ingredients will be held on 2-4 October 2024 at Istanbul Congress Center & Lutfi Kirdar & Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus in Taksim-Istanbul-Türkiye.

Featuring 1000+ exhibitors from 62 countries in 8 halls, BEAUTYISTANBUL is among the Top 5 largest cosmetics exhibitions worldwide and it is the most international cosmetics event with trade visitors from 169 countries.

In addition to 500+ exhibitors from Türkiye, confirmed Country Pavilions include Italy (130 Exhibitors), France, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Russia, South Korea, China and 500+ international exhibitors.

BEAUTYISTANBUL exhibitors include manufacturers, brands, private label and contract manufacturers and suppliers in personal care, skin care, make-up, hair care, perfume, natural & organic, home care & cleaning products, dermocosmetics, nail care, OTC & Pharmaceuticals, baby care, beauty accessories, professional beauty, hair salon equipment and furniture, private label, ingredients, packaging and machinery categories.


Stand № 5-44

Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumes and Cosmetics (BNAEMPC) was established in 1999. BNAEMPC is a non-profit legal entity.
BNAEMPC unites 143 companies in the industry, including producers and traders of essential oils, producers and distributors of perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries; manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, packaging and equipment.
The main priorities in the activity of BNAEMPC are the promotion of Bulgarian essential oils and cosmetics and increasing the awareness of business regarding the new regulatory requirements for their production.
For this purpose, it conducts an active dialogue with the relevant ministries and agencies: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Environment and Water, Executive Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IANMSP ), Executive Agency „Bulgarian Accreditation Service“ etc.


Which products and services do you provide?

The main priorities in the participation of our members with BNAEMPC are the promotion of Bulgarian essential oils and cosmetics, as you can find on our stand essential oils, extracts, absolute, rose water, pine water, etc. floral waters, aromatherapy, concretes, tinctures, etc. derivatives.


What are the applications of the ingredients you provide?

Our participation in the impressive show of fragrances and  cosmetics, combined with organic products, ingredients. The Bulgarian participants are essential oil producers and processors, manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials. The main priorities in the participation  with BNAEMPC are the promotion of Bulgarian essential oils and cosmetics, as you can find premium essential oils, extracts, absolute, rose water, pine water, etc. floral waters, aromatherapy, concretes, tinctures, etc. derivatives. This year we are also adding solid forms – anhydrous, which is a very important trend for more sustainable products, more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, namely soaps, bath scrub, solid facial oil, as well as moisturizing lotion.



Stand № 5-28


Stand № 5-27

Clochee® is a leading Polish manufacturer of natural and vegan cosmetics with green soul (we are eco-friendly company). Clochee® was created out of love for natural and a holistic approach to face and body care. In our cosmetics we use the power of nature, natural origin ingredients: extracts, oils, butters – remaining in harmony with the environment. In our portfolio we contains packaging made mostly from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials – plastic and glass. Our cosmetics won our consumers hearts with outstanding quality, rich formulations full of active ingredients and beautiful packaging. They are appreciated by many bloggers, celebrities and retailers like ROSSMANN, Hebe (Jeronimo Martins), Sephora, Douglas, Super-Pharm in Poland and worldwide Distribution in countries such as: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mauritius, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. We have also been appreciated by experts with Awards such as: Love Cosmetics Awards, Best Influencer’s Choice, ELLE Beauty Awards , Glamour Glammies.



Stand № 6-29


David Professional company imports professional Italian hair cosmetics to Bulgaria. Official distributor of Nashi,
Selective, Jean Paul Myne, Framesi, Echosline, KayPro brands and others.
Contact phone number – 0893921531.

Stand № 6-39


Doctor Tools Romania presents Moda World company . Moda World is manufacturing the highest quality Beauty Insruments
to our customers by employing superior technicians utilizing advanced
production and equipment. We used only the highest quality Japanes stainless steels to ensure top performance and long life. The result is a product of outstanding quality, produced to several ISO standards.




Stand № 5-27

Four Starlings Soapworks is a producer of natural cosmetics and a company that now employs over 50 people, continuously expanding on various fronts while remaining true to the idea it set for itself when it started as a family-run workshop. We have always aimed to create simple, versatile cosmetics that are skin and environmentally friendly. We have grown from this and continue to do so, but on a much larger scale. Over the course of several years, we have transformed from a two-person company producing a few dozen soap bars per month into a prominent cosmetics brand that is hard to miss and a highly productive company (that sounds serious!) actively diversifying its product range with new formulas. 120 SKUs, haircare, facecare and bodycare products, no plastic, less waste, NOI >95%, only natural essential oils.


Stand № 5-27





Stand № 5-27

The Isle Of Men brand of natural men’s cosmetics for beard care, hair care and perfumes. Our brand was created to meet the demand for top quality cosmetics for men.

Our most
important goal is to create products that customers will return to. We are guided by the principle of creating products that we would like to use ourselves.

We have worked on 3 aspects that are of utmost importance to us:

1. Quality (without compromise),

2. Usefulness,

3. Original fragrance


Stand № 5-43

InaEssentials is a family-owned Bulgarian brand that creates organic, natural cosmetics. Our products are a fusion of traditional Bulgarian practices and contemporary innovation. They harness the natural powers to provide relief from common ailments like acne, eczema, hair loss, and dandruff, among others.

Currently, InaEssentials is rapidly expanding boasting over one million satisfied customers across more than 29 countries. We proudly say that some of our products are unique in the market, without equivalent. Due to our commitment to sustainable farming and a fully closed-loop production process we stay with our family name behind the extremely high quality of our products. Our family continues to broaden our array of natural products, bringing goods directly from our organic fields to your home





Stand № 6-19


Stand № 5-41

Kateko Ltd. is a Bulgarian company specializing in the production of natural essential oils, aromatic products, raw materials for the cosmetic and perfume industry, as well as manufacturing cosmetic products with natural ingredients. For more than 10 years, Kateko has been an established manufacturer of high-quality essential oils, massage blends, natural floral waters, and cosmetic products.

Our story begins in the heart of Bulgaria, in the town of Strelcha, where we have our own distillery – the second oldest active one in the country. Here, with love and dedication, we create our products, using the most modern technologies and eco-friendly processes to ensure that they are not only effective but also meet high standards of sustainability and environmental preservation.

We believe that true beauty lies in harmony with nature. Therefore, we strive to create products that not only enhance your natural beauty but also preserve it. With our natural essential oils, massage blends, floral waters, and cosmetic products, life becomes more harmonious and balanced. Our commitment to nature and quality is reflected in every aspect of our business.


Stand № 5-39

Our family has been growing Damask rose and lavender for more than 20 years. Our plantations are located in the town of Gurkovo in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. With the accumulated experience and the desire to create quality natural products from our harvest, the idea of creating our Krimas brand was born . Krimas is a Bulgarian brand with organic and natural products.



Stand № 6-21

High-quality Bulgarian cosmetics
La Mell Cosmetics is a Bulgarian brand of high-quality professional cosmetics for hair, face and body. It is a product of a boutique cosmetic enterprise in the city of Shumen, which offers a complete, closed cycle of cosmetic production.
La Mell Cosmetics is a product line offering a series of cosmetics for hair, face and body developed over the years with desire, love and professionalism.
A scientific approach
The greatest asset of La Mell Cosmetics are the professional technologists – recognized names in the industry who have created the products of the Bulgarian cosmetics brand. The production niche in which La Mell Cosmetics develops is all types of cosmetic products. The main and uncompromising approach in the work on the creation of the series is to meet all the requirements for standardization of cosmetic products.
Quality standards
La Mell Cosmetics meets Bulgarian and international quality standards. When creating each product, the company takes care of the safety of raw materials, their quality production and storage. This is proven by the GMP and ISO certificates that the company holds.
Establishment of own cosmetic brand – PRIVATE LABEL
La Mell Cosmetics has the expertise as well as the manufacturing and technological capacity to produce and brand your own cosmetic brand. The standardized raw materials, the closed production cycle and the proven professionals we work with allow us to guarantee that we will make a quality and successful product for you.
What we can produce for you
The entire range of personal care cosmetic products, including creams, face lotions, shampoos, hair lotions and masks, hygiene and intimate gels, disinfectants, sunscreen products, etc.
Activities to create own cosmetic brand
We offer you a full range of activities from creation of the product to its readiness for market launch, including packaging selection, design, composition and consultation on the direction of the new cosmetic product.


Stand № 5-27


Stand № 5-27


Stand № 6-42

LASKA’s mission is to develop and craft innovative, ultra-efficient, minimalist cosmetics that „switch“ consumers to ecological habits and wholesome choices of self-care.

YOGH® pioneers a new solid format of high-performing minimalist cosmetics that are waterless, plastic-free and highly concentrated. Fast rinsing and biodegradable, YOGH® saves water, slashes waste, and delights the senses, merging the best of nature and care. We’re more than a brand; we’re a movement towards mindful consumption, radiant natural beauty, joy, and elimination of single-use plastic.

LASKA BY NATURE® specialises in premium waterless artisanal cosmetics with ingenious formulations, highly concentrated botanicals and a minimalist approach, where every ingredient is an active ingredient. LASKA’s creations transform everyday care into slow rituals and tactile, aromatherapeutic experiences that slow down life’s pace, and infuse it with a sense of wellbeing in a world that never stops spinning.



Stand № 6-25

Mack’s Professional Bulgaria has been on the Bulgarian market since 2015. The main activity of the company is trade in professional products for manicure and nail art, it carries out various types of upgrading training, work seminars. Thanks to the high level of organization and management of the commercial activity, the company quickly developed and managed to establish itself both in all the cities of Bulgaria and in some European countries such as: Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. The plans of Mack’s Professional Bulgaria for the next few years are related to the expansion of the sales network through new distributors and professional trainers at the Mack’s Professional Academy throughout Bulgaria.


Stand № 5-2

„Marvena Beauty“ is a leading company in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetics, representing renowned global brands in the industry. Our commitment to innovation and the high quality of the products and services we offer make our company the number one choice for professionals in the beauty and health sector.

We believe in the necessity of maintaining and elevating standards in the industry and strive to provide our customers with only the best. Our mission is to provide our customers with products and solutions that combine the latest technologies with high-quality ingredients to achieve the desired results.

At one of the largest beauty exhibitions, Arena of Beauty 2024, expect to discover the latest and most innovative products and devices in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetics at the „Marvena Beauty“ booth.

The entire team of professionals at Marvena Beauty will be waiting to assist you in choosing the most suitable products and solutions for your needs. We look forward to seeing you at Arena of Beauty 2024!


Stand № 6-16
Milano Cosmetic is a new, innovative brand for Bulgaria. We from the Milan team are official importers of the brand for Bulgaria and we would be happy to show you the huge palette of the brand. Milano Cosmetic contains a large amount of gel polishes, bases, tops and everything that any manicurist would need. Milano Cosmetic products are made in America and bottled in Ukraine. Their quality is truly unique. Intense colors, self-leveling bases, tops with which your manicure will shine for more than 2 weeks. We offer a variety of quantities of gel polishes, bases and tops. Milliliters range from 8ml-10ml for gel polishes and up to 120ml for bases and tops.


Stand № 6-5


Stand № 6-43


Stand № 5-27



Stand № 5-27

Welcome to the world of NOU. You are about to learn more about our brand, its history and the range of our products. Nou Parfum brand was created as a family project. In 2016 we launched our first fragrance collection. Our focus was on features that strongly resonated with us and continue to do so until today: quality, durability and design. Over the years our portfolio has expanded and today we are proud to present to you several lines. Versatility of our fragrance range allows our Clients to choose what they like best. We continue to grow and expand to other markets. Our products are present in numerous countries around the world. Com


Stand № 6-27а

Stephan Nails Academy is a training academy that will emphasize the in-depth training of manicurists/pedicurists. The academy is licensed by NAPOO, and upon completion a certificate of professional qualification and a certificate from Stephan is obtained. The course covers theory and practical work in a total of 330 hours spread over 6 weeks from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. The biggest advantage is the possibility to start at any time and practice on real clients.


Stand № 6-26

DNKa’ Stand № 6-44 

Vibor 2009 Ltd. is an official merchandiser of nail products. The company manager is the well-known beauty expert Anna Savopulo. She is one of the first entrepreneurs who started to import and sell foreign nail products in Bulgaria. During the event Anna kindly invites you to visit her stand and check on the brands DNKa’, Shelly, Staleks, Lukum, CYD, Dark, Valeri и Respect – her own collection of nail products. Learn more about her new online shopping platform – NailZone!




Stand № 6-41

Aesthetic Pharma was founded by a team of medical pedicure and manicure specialists and pharmacists, with many years of experience and interests in the field of Podology and cosmetology. It was created with care for patients and an understanding of their needs. It combines 100% natural active ingredients and innovative formulas with scientifically proven effectiveness and efficiency.
While pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs have their place, we are passionate about finding and sharing natural alternatives that are highly active yet safe – for people, animals and the planet. We want to share these discoveries with as many people as possible to help them with their everyday health and beauty concerns!
We have selected the Podopharm®, Spirularin® and Skinicer® lines so that we can cover the needs of both professionals and aftercare at home. Our products have been developed together with leading dermatologists and podiatrists, and offer a solution for any health or aesthetic problem – from head to toe!

Stand № 6-20




Stand № 5-27

Red Pharma Laboratories Polska S.A. is a manufacturer of the highest quality dermatological products and medical devices, both in the specialist area; support for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin diseases, as well as products from the categories of skincare, cosmetology, medical devices, probiotic and prebiotic, production of lyophilizate of beneficial bacteria and dietary supplements. The company’s products are manufactured under the conditions of GMP, ISO 22716, HAACP, and are also protected by patents and trademarks.



Stand № 5-14

The company has an office located in Sofia, Aleksandar Malinov 51 bulevard.


Stand № 6-4

Importer and producer of professional instruments for manicure, pedicure and artificial nails. Exclusive representative of companies from Solingen, Germany for hairdressing scissors, clippers, hair dryers, combs, brushes, hairpins etc. Professional sharpening services and repair of hair dressing appliances.

Solingen, Jaguar, Moser, Wahl, Valera, Locatelli, Gehwol, Zahn Pinsel, Zvetko BG


Stand № 5-26

Spa Creative Ltd. covers the entire cycle of activities, associated with the construction and equipment of SPA and WELLNESS and BEAUTY centers, salt rooms and etc.  The company is the representative for Bulgaria of renowned brands for beauty salon equipment and ALISSA BEAUTE – professional bio cosmetics.


Stand № 5-5

Stand № 6-8

We are Manufacturer & wholesaler of Japanese and German Made hairdressing scissors & beauty products.



Stand № 6-15


Stand № 5-46


Stand № 6-22

Tradepoint Ltd is an official representative of the Spanish brand Pharma Hermetic – pioneering company in hair biotechnology products in Barcelona. Pharma Hermetic is a specialized pharmaceutical company that develops hair care products. Pharma Hermetic was born after extensive experience of more than 20 years in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical world. Its founders decided to combine their knowledge and acquired know-how to establish a company that would focus its activity specifically on hair care.

The word “Hermetic” comes from the principle of cause and effect described in the Kibalion (Hermetic Philosophy), and at Pharma Hermetic we believe that this concept exists for all biological processes in our body, including hair loss, dandruff and oily hair. That is why we deeply investigate the causes to find a topical solution that is painless, without side effects and with results.


Stand № 6-32

Representative of the most established companies in the market worldwide. 

Morgan’s Pomade – UK
Upgrade – Italy
Sinelco – Belgium
Efalock – Germany
WAHL – Germany
Gammapiu – Italy
Osaka Scissors – Japan
Salon Ambiense – Italy
Takara Belmont – Japan



Stand № 6-6

We are a Bulgarian brand created in 2015 .

We are manufacturers of high-quality professional nail products such as gel polish, building gels, colored art gels, cosmetics for hands and feet and everything necessary for manicure and pedicure. Modern and innovative, we offer unlimited possibilities for decoration, nail art and salon work.

The safety and quality of our products are our indisputable principle. We carefully select our ingredients so that we can guarantee reliable results after each procedure, but above all, to be calm about the health of our customers.
We believe that beauty is in your hands. We aim to provoke you to express your own sense of beauty. To teach you to take care of your hands in the best and healthy way.



Stand № 6-1

Venerable Ltd is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the prestigious brands K-time and GellyFit. Our mission is to offer quality products and services at a high level, unknown to the Bulgarian market.


Stand 5-29

Vivela-Diana Ltd – Authorized distributor of Gerovital for Bulgaria. The portfolio of the brand includes skin, body and hair care products; make-up products; oral hygiene products; sun block products; professional cosmetics; products for men. The most well-known product lines are Gerovital H3 Evolution, Gerovital H3 Classic, Gerovital Tratament Expert and Aslavital.

Our mission is to offer products and services at the highest quality standards, made out of carefully selected ingredients, according to the expectations and needs of consumers today. We promote genuine beauty and natural charm. Therefore, our products include ingredients that will reveal your personality and will add a touch of light, colour and contrast to your natural beauty.

Our values are beauty and health care, respect for traditions and the environment, complete with continued research, innovation and attention to customer demands.


Stand 5-4

Vavilon company has been on the international cosmetic scene for more than 20 years.
The evaluation of our customers is the most important factor for our work. We build trust through fair treatment and flexible solutions.
We strive to improve ourselves and build on what we have achieved.
Work is our vocation, passion and pleasure.
Our long-standing partners are market-proven brands with international presence and prestige, namely:

With over 70 years of history from the heart of France

A symbiosis between nature, science and traditional French craftsmanship.

A new approach in mesotherapy.

EXCEPTION professional skin peels
Complete cosmetic solutions of a new generation.





Stand № 5-15

YZC GROUP provides services in the field of Beauty, Aesthetics, Care and Fitness in Turkey with 20 years of experience. They have distributorships in Europe and United States. It imports more than 400 references inn Turkey. YZC GROUP AS produces META ROLL and META VACU SYSTEM. And for the last year , the company has created his own brand called BioRedLight Therapy.

You can see all our devices in our Sales Center in Kardzhali, str. G.Benkovski-5,GSM +359897876010



Stand № 6-38

Application for managing bookings in the field of beauty, wellness or sports, as well as pet grooming salons. We combine modern technology with intuitive design, ensuring that every interaction is fast and efficient. ZT offers an efficient and easy-to-use platform. A convenient calendar for studios to organize their appointment and see information written by the client or information about the service’s working hours. It is a completely free application for the customer, which can be downloaded from Google or App store. The payment fot studios is based on 3 membership plans: Basic – One month, Standard – six months and Premium – 12 months!