Exhibitors list 2023


Stand № 5-27

Bether is the brand name of Bulgarian ethereal natural cosmetics.The core of Bether Cosmetics is the essential oils – Rosa Damascena oil, Lavender oil, Melissa oil. The product line includes facial care, body care, hygienic products, pure essential oils and floral waters.

We plant, harvest, distill and proceed the oils into our cosmetic products. Each of the ingredients in Bether products are carefully selected and mixed to perfect textures by experienced technologists. At Bether Cosmetics we value the experience of our customers, so we choose for the quality in every step of the production process.The brand we create is finished by using modern and exclusive packaging outlined by our minimalistic design.


Stand № 5-30 

Anigma – everything for eyelash extensions and a little bit more!

Cosmetics and consumables for eyelash extensions, lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows, henna and disposable materials of brands Anigma Professional – Bulgaria and Lovely Lash – Russia! 

Beauty services and training from top trainer Ani Gusiyska! 


Stand № 6-28


Stand № 6-18

ALFA PARFUM Established in 1994 Distribution Company with exclusivity rights for selling 12 perfumery brands Alfa Parfum was established in 1994 and for 29 years of work it has become a big distribution Company which has grown from small family business. Now it has its own branch offices and partners all over Ukraine. Basing on the requests of our suppliers we are entering European market. We are distributors of such brands as: Rasasi Mural de Ruitz Corania Parfums Parour Shirley May We offer you cooperation for the sales of perfumery of middle and budget segment. We have more than 200 references which are always selling. Our clients are more than 950 companies including big chains of stores, such as Makeup, Rozetka, Eva, Алло, Епiцентр.



Stand № 5-11

Bei Jing San He Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aesthetics & medical laser device in China.

SANHE can provide tattoo removal, pigment removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, face liting and body slimming machines.

With more than 15 years of development and efforts, now we have more than 300  employees in our company, and company expand to over than 100,000 m2 with 2    factories. Head-factory focuses on OEM/ODM device for distributor in the world.

SANHE gained a number of domestic and international medical certificates for its equipment, such as (TUV) CE, (TUV) ISO 13485, FDA Certificate; as well as the right of import and export certificate, Permits for Medical Device       Production Enterprises and High-Tech Enterprise Certificate.

Health and Beauty is what Sanhe Believe in.


Stand № 5-9

BLESS ME COSMETICS® is taking natural and organic skincare to the next level with carefully created formulas full of active ingredients of exclusively vegetal origin. We believe natural beauty is a reflection of skin’s health. Our product portfolio contains complete series of cosmetic products designed for facial and full body skincare.


Stand № 6-30

Private Vocational College „Bogoya“ is the only certified college in Bulgaria that offers professional training in the Instructor profession. After completing the studies, college students acquire the highest fourth degree of professional qualification. Private professional college „Bogoya“ is actively looking for the training and career development of qualified specialists – managers, entrepreneurs, instructors in the field of cosmetics, hairdressing, manicure, sports massage therapists, fitness instructors, governesses as well as specialists in the field of tourism.
„Bogoya“ College trains college students to acquire professional competencies for teamwork, innovation in teaching, entrepreneurship and adaptability. The college works with highly qualified teachers and business specialists. Bogoya offers – knowledge, skills and qualification, preparing good professionals! The training lasts four semesters, the form of training is part-time, independent and full-time.
To contact us: city of Varna 9000 „Gen. Kolev“ No. 92, fl. 1, entrance 2;
052 / 61 30 71; 0895 776 205; 0879 972 787


 Stand  № 6-6 





Stand № 5-29

DERMIKA AESTHETICA LTD is more than 10 years have been existing on the Bulgarian market.

Our mission is promoting range of products with high quality and added value to our customer, like: PROFHILO, BIOREPEEL, ESTHEMAX, LAMIS XL.

Our products can be found in the largest and well-known dermatologist clinics and cosmetologists in the country.

Sofia, South park bl. 124





Stand № 5-9

We are proud to present our brand – RONNEY. Our goal is high quality cosmetics in low prices, affordable for everyone. We offer a wide range of products: shampoos, masks, conditioners, oxydants, bleaching powders, hair accessories, nails accessories, acetones & cleaners, hair sprays, leave-in conditioners, cosmetics for kids and much more! We focus on seeking for new opportunities and business partners, following current trends in the market and constantly improving the quality of our products.



Stand 5-9

We are PAESE – an extraordinary cosmetics global brand. We are passionate about creating colour cosmetics. We have our own laboratory and production facility.  We are a worldwide brand.  Currently, our cosmetics are distributed on 4 continents, in over 50 countries worldwide.




Stand № 5-9

Four Starlings Soapworks is a producer of natural cosmetics and a company that now employs over 50 people, continuously expanding on various fronts while remaining true to the idea it set for itself when it started as a family-run workshop. We have always aimed to create simple, versatile cosmetics that are skin and environmentally friendly. We have grown from this and continue to do so, but on a much larger scale. Over the course of several years, we have transformed from a two-person company producing a few dozen soap bars per month into a prominent cosmetics brand that is hard to miss and a highly productive company (that sounds serious!) actively diversifying its product range with new formulas. 120 SKUs, haircare, facecare and bodycare products, no plastic, less waste, NOI >95%, only natural essential oils.





Щанд № 5-34



Stand № 6-17

Official importer in Bulgaria and Europe of the gel nail polish brands Giorgio Capachini and Sky Gel, which are very well known at professional level worldwide. They are number 1 brands for manicure and pedicure in Russia. The product lines of the brands include professional products for manicure, pedicure, nail reconstruction and modelling, nail care.



Stand № 5-9

INFINI COSMETIQUES SP.ZOO Is a beauty product business based in Poland, we are a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and perfumes. One of our own brands is Etoneese Cosmetics, dermocosmetics for face and body care. The ultimate brightening products specialist, with a portfolio of products for complete care for discolorations. Pharmacy quality at a drugstore price. They look great on the shelf and their effectiveness has been proven by studies. We also pay a lot of attention to what we package Etoneese cosmetics in, we use recycled raw materials and glass for this purpose. The manufacturing process of our ETONEESE dermocosmetics follows GMP principles, which guarantee the highest quality of production.

If you want to enrich your offer with new products and differentiate your portfolio from the competition, we invite you to cooperate with us. We also produce perfumes and other products under our own brands and private labels for our customers.




Stand № 6-24

My Nails is the official representative and importer of the brand Kodi Professional in Bulgaria. Kodi Professional is one of the most preferred brands in worldwide. The brand’s popularity comes naturally, thanks to the high quality products we offer. Our portfolio includes also a big diversity of products.

Our dream is every woman to have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty by the convenience of using quality and long-lasting products for manicures, makeup, facial care, eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.



Stand № 5-32

High-quality Bulgarian cosmetics
La Mell Cosmetics is a Bulgarian brand of high-quality professional cosmetics for hair, face and body. It is a product of a boutique cosmetic enterprise in the city of Shumen, which offers a complete, closed cycle of cosmetic production.
La Mell Cosmetics is a product line offering a series of cosmetics for hair, face and body developed over the years with desire, love and professionalism.
A scientific approach
The greatest asset of La Mell Cosmetics are the professional technologists – recognized names in the industry who have created the products of the Bulgarian cosmetics brand. The production niche in which La Mell Cosmetics develops is all types of cosmetic products. The main and uncompromising approach in the work on the creation of the series is to meet all the requirements for standardization of cosmetic products.
Quality standards
La Mell Cosmetics meets Bulgarian and international quality standards. When creating each product, the company takes care of the safety of raw materials, their quality production and storage. This is proven by the GMP and ISO certificates that the company holds.
Establishment of own cosmetic brand – PRIVATE LABEL
La Mell Cosmetics has the expertise as well as the manufacturing and technological capacity to produce and brand your own cosmetic brand. The standardized raw materials, the closed production cycle and the proven professionals we work with allow us to guarantee that we will make a quality and successful product for you.
What we can produce for you
The entire range of personal care cosmetic products, including creams, face lotions, shampoos, hair lotions and masks, hygiene and intimate gels, disinfectants, sunscreen products, etc.
Activities to create own cosmetic brand
We offer you a full range of activities from creation of the product to its readiness for market launch, including packaging selection, design, composition and consultation on the direction of the new cosmetic product.


Stand № 6-16


Stand № 6-22

Company Information:

As Alda Perfume, we „La Rose Cosmetics“ are settled up as a company which is a sub-branch of Soydan group of companies in Istanbul. Since 2018, we have been producing room fragrances as spray and with sticks, perfumes, body mists based on different essences. Our main brands are; Alda, Orgasmo, NFS.



Stand № 6-11

Mack’s Professional Bulgaria has been on the Bulgarian market since 2015. The main activity of the company is trade in professional products for manicure and nail art, it carries out various types of upgrading training, work seminars. Thanks to the high level of organization and management of the commercial activity, the company quickly developed and managed to establish itself both in all the cities of Bulgaria and in some European countries such as: Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. The plans of Mack’s Professional Bulgaria for the next few years are related to the expansion of the sales network through new distributors and professional trainers at the Mack’s Professional Academy throughout Bulgaria.


Stand № 5-7



Stand № 6-31

myPOS is an innovative fintech company serving small and medium-sized business clients across Europe. It provides easy and convenient in-store, online and on-the-go payment solutions for over 150 000 businesses. It is the first and only fintech in Europe to offer merchants instant settlement of funds at no additional cost. For its innovation in payments, myPOS has won many prestigious awards, such as „Company of the Year“ for 2023 from the Forbes Business Awards and „Point of Sale Innovation“ from the Fintech Breakthrough Awards 2023.


Stand № 5-22

BABE laboratorios is a Spanish company specializing in dermocosmetics. It is present in over 70 countries. She develops a number of her own formulas and is focused on the individual needs of the clients. Creates high quality synergistic complexes in innovative forms. Leading product lines are pediatric care, body care, anti-aging, sun protection.


Stand № 6-36

Magnetic supplies a total package of professional products for artificial nails, manicure and foot care. Whatever you need in your studio, we’ve got it! Everything is top quality for a reasonable price. Our products are always easy to use. We set the trend with the latest colors of nail polish, Gelpolish, gel and Acrylic. Our original Nail Art materials are world famous!

Our motto is Nail Care designed for professionals, by professionals. We test all our products extensively with a critical team of nail technicians and pedicures. Do you have a technical question about Gel, Acrylic or Nail Art, please call or email us. All sales staff are certified nail technicians and give you quick and expert advice.

Our nail products are made for professional users: certified nail technicians, pedicurists and beauticians. For your customers there are special sales products such as nail polish and hand creams.

The Magnetic Nail Academy provides practical and theory lessons for nail styling at the highest level. A unique and complete training as a nail stylist that can be arranged according to your own wishes and demand. Our teachers have broad practical experience and give you a lot of attention. You work with top products and receive beautiful textbooks with many illustrations. Because you practice on a Nail Trainer, you don’t often need a model. We provide professional courses.

The Allround Nail Styling course is a professional course. After our course you will be ready for the demanding market. Your customers will be proud of their gel and acrylic nails. Our students make beautiful, fashionable and sturdy artificial nails. Without damage to the natural nail. With the certificate you can start a nail studio. You can work from home or rent a nail table in, for example, a hair salon. Then you can continue learning like Nail Art or artificial nails on toes. Our dealers throughout the Bulgaria also provide Magnetic training.

Stand № 5-17

We present to you Marvena Beauty, part of Marvena Ltd. with an established history in the trade of medical products, since 1998.
The company represent global brands and manufacturers of FDA certified equipment and products for aesthetic, cosmetic and dermatological procedures.

We work with brands such as:
– Cutera with more than 20 years of development and innovation, pioneering the medical and aesthetics markets worldwide.
– Visia, part of Canfield Scientific, is a global leader in skin imaging diagnostic and analysis systems that enhance medical aesthetic consultation.
– Erchonia, recognized as a world leader in Low Energy Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology. They apply the technology for more than 50 years which makes possible the threatment of various conditions.
– Lisear experienced in developing high power diode epilation devices.
– Reneve Monaco – a company with a 40-year history in the development and production of effective medical devices with patented anti-aging technologies for the face and therapies for slimming and firming the body. Reneve Monaco also offers a wide range of specialized cosmetics for professional use as well as for final home care.
– Mesoestetic – World leader in the field of medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine
– The Spanish professional cosmetics of Atache with a rich portfolio of cosmetic therapies.
– Chantarelle – a brand for cosmetic preparations and non-invasive laser devices for specialized comprehensive beauty care.

Visit us on the Marvena Beauty stand to get familiar and learn more about the wide range of cosmetic products and equipment!

Stand № 6-15
Milano Cosmetic is a new, innovative brand for Bulgaria. We from the Milan team are official importers of the brand for Bulgaria and we would be happy to show you the huge palette of the brand. Milano Cosmetic contains a large amount of gel polishes, bases, tops and everything that any manicurist would need. Milano Cosmetic products are made in America and bottled in Ukraine. Their quality is truly unique. Intense colors, self-leveling bases, tops with which your manicure will shine for more than 2 weeks. We offer a variety of quantities of gel polishes, bases and tops. Milliliters range from 8ml-10ml for gel polishes and up to 120ml for bases and tops.


Stand – 5-9 

“Mokosh Didiuk L.P. is a Polish top producer of natural cosmetics. The company was founded in 2014 by Anna Diudiuk & Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk. We produce our products in Poland (near Warsaw), where our office and laboratory with its own machine park is based. All products are the result of the mutual efforts technologists. We use carefully selected products for production process, primarily organic raw materials wit a proven effect. The company & brand name MOKOSH comes from the name of the ancient Slavic goddess of the Earth.”



Stand № 6-38


Vibor 2009 Ltd. is an official merchandiser of nail products. The company manager is the well-known beauty expert Anna Savopulo. She is one of the first entrepreneurs who started to import and sell foreign nail products in Bulgaria. During the event Anna kindly invites you to visit her stand and check on the brands Komilfo, Shelly, Staleks, Lukum, CYD and Respect – her own collection of nail products. Learn more about her new online shopping platform – NailZone!


Stand № 6-34






Stand № 5-33





Stand № 5-13

The company has an office located in Sofia, Aleksandar Malinov 51 bulevard.


Stand № 6-4

Importer and producer of professional instruments for manicure, pedicure and artificial nails. Exclusive representative of companies from Solingen, Germany for hairdressing scissors, clippers, hair dryers, combs, brushes, hairpins etc. Professional sharpening services and repair of hair dressing appliances.

Solingen, Jaguar, Moser, Wahl, Valera, Locatelli, Gehwol, Zahn Pinsel, Zvetko BG


Stand № 5-21

Spa Creative Ltd. covers the entire cycle of activities, associated with the construction and equipment of SPA and WELLNESS and BEAUTY centers, salt rooms and etc.  The company is the representative for Bulgaria of renowned brands for beauty salon equipment and ALISSA BEAUTE – professional bio cosmetics.


Stand № 5-15а


Stand № 5-23

SYZ Cosmetic specializes in manufacturing innovative mesotherapy and cabin products that address the evolving needs of modern skincare. With our commitment to excellence, we create a wide range of high-quality solutions that combine advanced technology with natural ingredients to offer effective and luxurious treatments. Our products, designed to rejuvenate and nourish the skin, proudly contribute to the beauty and well-being of individuals by providing solutions that encompass both science and nature, utilizing cutting-edge technology.”


Stand № 5-9

SYLVECO company is a Polish producer of natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care, present on the market for over 30 years. The company’s offer includes 11 cosmetic brands. SYLVECO’s hallmark is the content of natural, chemically unprocessed plant raw materials and extracts from typical Polish herbs. The main ingredient of most cosmetics is betulin – a birch bark extract that has a positive effect on the skin.


Stand № 6-8


Stand № 5-34


Stand № 6-19

Representative of the most established companies in the market worldwide. 

Morgan’s Pomade – UK
Upgrade – Italy
Sinelco – Belgium
Efalock – Germany
WAHL – Germany
Gammapiu – Italy
Osaka Scissors – Japan
Salon Ambiense – Italy
Takara Belmont – Japan


Stand № 5-15




Stand № 6-1

Venerable Ltd is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the prestigious brands K-time and GellyFit. Our mission is to offer quality products and services at a high level, unknown to the Bulgarian market.


Stand 5-9

VIPERA is one of the leading cosmetic companies in Poland. History of the brand dates back to 1987. A private company takes care of the beauty of women. Our efforts focus on the customers’ needs with regard to changing lifestyle and fashion trends. The vast range of products offers manifold of colors and effects. The rich and comprehensive portfolio of classic VIPERA products covers all  categories of color cosmetics; * for lip make-up (lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners) * for eye makeup (make-up bases, serums, shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, pencils) * eyebrow  products (brow gel, tints, pencils, brow sets with stencils) * foundations (primers, foundations, mousses, bb creams * powders, bronzers, blushes, highlighters * makeup removers  *nail polishes and nail care products * nail polish removers * Man Line for shaveing and beard * depilatory cream *lovely  line for girls 3+ * COS-MEDICA Line for acne prone skin and other kinds of skin * Magnetic cosmetics. The core of the brand’s success is the trust of customers, great colors and range.







Stand № 5-9


Yokaba is a Polish brand of cosmetics based on Vegan formulas for professional nail styling and hand and foot care. Yokaba is also cosmetics for the body and face. The brand was established in 2020, in a short time it has developed on the Polish market. Since 2021, Yokaba has also been present on European markets. Currently, we are expanding our sales to new markets in Europe and beyond. The idea of the company was to create a professional, vegan brand for nail care, however, answering the questions and needs of our customers, vegan face and body care cosmetics appear more and more often in our offer. Today, Yokaba wants to build customer awareness in European markets and expand its export business.


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